Networks of Care

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= conference organized by EdgeRyders in Brussels, February 2016


"Care happens in networks. People take care of each other. They seek advice, medical help and moral support from each other. They exchange knowledge and share resources. They meet, interact, and work together. And, of course, no human can live well if he or she disconnects from the fabric of society at large (in recent times, care also happened in big bureaucracies, but that approach has issues. Here we look for something better).

We think that this ceaseless exchange is collective intelligence at work. Network analysis is a useful tool to understand this process, and perhaps find ways to improve upon it. Thinking in networks is a great way to generate fresh, relevant questions. How do you know your network is going in the right direction? What is a “direction” in this context? Is everyone following the same path? Do people group into sub-communities? What are the focus of these (sub) communities? " (