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IMPORTANT NOTE: at the P2P Foundation, we use the concept of net-archy in Netarchical Capitalism, with the opposite meaning as the below, i.e. for us it is 'the hierarchy of the network'


Steve Herrick, a translation of the Spanish Wikipedia article on Redarquia:

"Netarchy is an emergent organizational model characteristic of the new, open networks of collaboration—most especially web 2.0—and is based on the interactions that multiple agents maintain between each other when they share their talent and knowledge openly and transparently, in peer-to-peer relationships.

In contrast to the traditional, hierarchical organizational model, in which orders are imposed and exclusively flow top-down, netarchy is an order that works bottom-up: decisions and solutions emerge naturally as the spontaneous distillation of collective intelligence.

The concept of netarchy was defined for the first time by the technologist and entrepreneur José Cabrera (blog, starting from the organizational model of communities of free software developers, who are capable of organizing themselves and creating extraordinarily complex and sophisticated products and services without a traditional, hierarchical structure. With Netarchy, Cabrera has tried synthesize the functioning and properties of the new network structures typical of mass collaboration. In Latin America, the concept was introduced and developed in the framework of talent management by Marcelo Márquez, teacher and researcher at the National University of Comahue in his works: Leadership, Team Management, and Netarchy (2011), and Talent Management, the Challenge of Administrating Essence (2009)."