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Defined by Marcin Jakubowski:

"Neosubsistence: The combination of advanced material and information technologies introduces a new economic option that we call neosubsistence. This is modern day means to livelihood where wise use of advanced technology and ready access to information allows one to spend a small amount of time in self-sufficiency production. This leads to a high quality of life where higher skill provides more resources in-house, reduces the need to 'work to make a living,' and opens up time for other pursuits. It is a route to promoting a bioregional economy, which relies more on its own resources rather than uncontrollable global market forces. This promotes accountability and reduces the necessity of war."


  • in which units or sizes can neosubsistence work?
  • can a global market economy coexist with a neosubsistence sector like it does today with "households" and families?
  • can neosubsistence communities produce the surplus that allows them to take the lead in technology development - Open Source Product Blueprints?

More Information

There is a "Subsistence Movement" in Germany and Austria around Claudia von Werlhof and Maria Mies which is slightly different from Neosubsistence, because it is vigorously hostile to high technology. Yet it makes good points about market economy and capitalism: See the transcripts of the video interview with Maria Mies at