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= "we aim to create commons, ecosystems of abundance or ownerless ecosystem".



"With our community of communities, we aim to create commons, ecosystems of abundance or ownerless ecosystem.

“Nature 2.0 is a possible vision of the future. A hopeful one. It combines and extends Artificial Intelligence & blockchain into a symbiosis of biology and machine, for a future of abundance.“

- Trent McConaghy


From Nature 1.0 Sovereignty to Self-Owned Nature 2.0

"AI DAOs with rights draws them towards self-sovereignty. We can also start from the other direction, with Nature 1.0 ecosystems. How do we pull these systems towards sovereignty?

It’s starting, by giving them rights as well! The Colombian Supreme Court has recognized the rights of the Amazon River. The state of Ohio gave a Bill of Rights to Lake Erie, on par with the rights of a person. New Zealand did the same for one of its major rivers. And more. There’s now even a broader movement to secure the legal rights of nature.

Over time we could potentially remove their dependence on human stewards by giving them decision making powers (AI), and the ability to manage resources to interact with the world (blockchain wallets). The Sovereign Nature initiative adds emphasis to this aspect of Nature 2.0.

Many dream of Universal Basic Income (UBI), because it can address worries about job loss in the face of AI, and help more people to chase their dreams and self-actualize.

Blockchains make the distribution side straightforward. Anyone that provides some proof of human (even if imperfect) gets an equal amount of income coming to the UBI chain.

The challenge is how to pay for it. Nature 2.0 gives a solution to this! In short: profits from self-owning machines pay into the UBI chain. Let’s use a self-driving, self-owning car as an example. It generates income via Uber-style ride-sharing. Its costs are just gas and maintenance; it doesn’t have any human mouths to feed directly. So it can generate a healthy profit every month. The idea is that it feeds this profit directly to UBI chain!

Let’s repeat for every self-owning car. And truck, road, and power grid, etc. The abundance from machines gets transferred to humans. (Kudos to JP Doomernik for conceiving of this. Awesome!)

Like many technologies, AI DAOs are a double-edged sword. There is a positive and a negative framing. “Nature 2.0” is a positive framing of AI DAOs. There’s a less-positive framing too, where we inadvertently give all our control to the bots. #ooops. This article and this talk [slides] elaborate. Let’s do our best to ensure the positive version prevails!

Manifesting Nature 2.0

How does this get built? One step at a time. We’re much closer to this than you may think. Here’s the steps from yesterday, to today, to tomorrow:

As the tweet mentions, decentralized substrates to support “agents” are coming. They’re getting built, today. These include my team’s work at Ocean Protocol, as well as our friends at PolkaDot, SingularityNET,, and more. There’s also great work on M2M (machine-to-machine) economy, UBI, and more. As these building blocks mature, they will start to get connected. Like any good exponential: at first, the transformation will look slow. Then, it won’t.