More Than Shelters

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= "an organisation that helps refugees redesign their own camps using pre-fabricated but adaptable structures called Domos".


"stop seeing those fleeing violence as victims or as problems but instead as creative people who are themselves the source of the solutions to the challenges they face."

More Information

Other organisations for refugees based on their agency, via Adam Lent [1] :

  • Ahmad Eldibi's organisation Dubarah is mobilising Syrian ex-pat communities and no less than 80,000 volunteers to help refugees find work, secure investment for their business ideas and get basic advice on adapting to unfamiliar cultures.
  • Nathanael Molle set up Singa, a network of successful entrepreneurs who were once refugees to inspire and support others to set up their own businesses.
  • Mary Nally's organisation, Failte Isteach, is unleashing the creativity of local indigenous communities as well as refugees by mobilising thousands of mostly older volunteers to teach migrants the language of their host countries.