Mode of Production of Intellectual Commons

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There are three basic features:

"In this sense, the mode of production of intellectual commons can be characterized at least by three fundamental axes. First, it is based on collaboration. Second, it relies on a peer or equal relationship. Third, it occurs in a continuous, cumulative and sustained over time way. (Vercelli, 2006:56)


Mathieu O'Neil:

"The first two of them are common to all other descriptions. However, the third idea appointed by Vercelli about the continuity over time of such production processes is valuable. Some knowledge flows are held over time, others are casual, but the production process has to be sustained over time beyond a certain diachronic point to be considered as collaborative production. An occasional exchange, an ephemeral involvement, does not necessarily result in this modality."


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  • VERCELLI, Ariel (2009) Repensando los bienes intelectuales comunes: análisis sociotécnico sobre el proceso de co-construcción entre las regulaciones de derecho de autor y derecho de copia y las tecnologías digitales para su gestión, Tesis doctoral en la UNQUI.

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