Michel Bauwens on the Emerging Commons-Centric Planetary Civilization

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Video via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzcb8piOQU4&feature=youtu.be&t=187s


Conversation/interview conducted by Bruce Alderman for the 'Integral Stage' series, 'Eutopia', on the Planetary Civilization:

"Recognizing that the multiple crises we face globally are confronting us with the limits and blind spots of our present systems, structures, and paradigms, we are inviting people in this new series to offer their best visions for thriving, integrally healthy societies of the future -- "eutopias" or planetary wisdom civilizations. How might we better organize and "dwell together"? How might we better integrate with and even optimize our local and global ecologies? What would an integral kosmopolis look like, and what will it take to get there?

In episode 5, MICHEL BAUWENS argues that the ideal win-win of a Game B or 2nd Tier future must be grounded in an appreciation for, and cultivation of, local and global commons, including an economics that rewards for prosocial contributions and realistically accounts for limits. In this context, he discusses the mission of the P2P Foundation to study the impact of peer-to-peer technology and thought on society, and to theorize new models of governance, accounting, and self-organization based on principles of the collaborative commons and various 'seed form' P2P projects that have emerged around the world. The work of the P2P Foundation generally has been anti-utopian in its avoidance of any investment in an idealized "should" for the direction of society, but it remains committed to the possibility of social progress through attention to the many successes of projects and communities at our cultures' experimental edges."

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