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"A patent confers upon its holder the right to exclude others from exploiting an invention for a limited time in exchange for the public disclosure of that invention. Our goal is to facilitate that disclosure... specifically in science where a lot of data is not sufficiently visible.

Medolo is an initiative, an idea in action, but has no legal existence by itself. Medolo is a common platform, so it belongs to its collaborators as a group, to the community of users. Medolo is the property of nobody as individuals. There is though a side-by organisation for everything that require a legal structure. Medolo Institute is the companion organisation of Medolo. It is not Medolo but comes with it. The institute possess and protect the name and marks of Medolo as well as other legal assets. We manage the financing of the support of Medolo like hosting, server all physical stuff needed. We take in charge some day to day legal issues and get organised for bigger ones. Outside, global communication is also our responsibility. On the inside we manage communities and launch initiatives.

We have the mission to help the collaborators in their search for finance in the name of Medolo but we don’t get involved in these search.

Medolo Institute is still a project. I am looking for motivated people that will support this initiative or even candidate for the board of Medolo Institute. In this first step I am looking for diversity of very motivated people."