Marcin Jakubowski on Building the World's First Replicable Open Source Global Village

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"Marcin Jakubowski, Building the World's First, Replicable, Open Source Global Village: Theory, strategy, practice, and challenges.

We are building the world's first, replicable, open source Global Village. We are a land-based social experiment for creating unprecedented quality of life using on-site resources. Our working assumption is that open source physical infrastructure is the enabling prerequisite of such an experiment, and that the power of efficient, integrated, and ecological production must be seized in order for such a community to thrive and to be competitive with mainstream lifestyles. Initial technology development results have surpassed predictions, and we are currently developing a more rigorous program for a rapid-deployment, open source technology development pipeline. This pipeline relies on design of products that are simple, optimal, high-performance, low-cost, and therefore replicable. We observed clear indications of memetic replicability of such open source, technologically and ecologically integrated communities. Initial results, strategies, crowd-based support methods, and operational challenges are covered in this presentation. End goals are livelihoods beyond the ongoing struggle for survival, and personal evolution to freedom - and the first milestone to this is a complete, 30 person villlage - to be built by year-end 2010.

For the physical reality of our experiment, see the Distillation video series for an overview of the technology base?" (