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= concept, policies, and game

The Policies

The Barcelona Pledge as Fab City

Sharon Ede:

"The City of Barcelona, which recently hosted the International FabLab Conference, has recognised the value of the maker movement, and seeks to foster these innovative and self-sufficiency projects. The City, spearheaded by its Chief Architect, is developing a plan which is investigating how to make cities productive again; how to encourage open-knowledge initiatives in a city; and how to create a city where people can ‘use things’ instead of owning them." (

Oakland Maker City

Sharon Ede:

The City of Oakland, California has an initiative called Oakland Maker City — to give all citizens the tools, resources, and opportunities to grow, learn, and explore their interests, and to equip residents with the skills they need to collaborate on solving the problems in their communities and build new things collaboratively. (

The Game

= Maker Cities is a massively multiplayer game that empowers people to imagine and make the future of their city.


"In the game, players submit ideas about how the maker movement might impact society at large: how we learn, govern, eat and live.

Players collaborate to refine each others’ ideas, and make and share simple prototypes to showcase their idea to the world."

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