Machinima Makers Peer Groups

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Celestial Elf:

"By far the greatest feedback that you may ever be likely to get, unless you are discovered by a national brodcast network, or have a particularly patient friend, will be in one of the peer moderated groups.

Run and managed by machinima makers who have personal insight and experience into the artistic and technological skills involved in the craft, here you may find genuine and constructive comments about how to improve your output."


  • SecondLife Machinima Artists Guild is a thriving community website where SecondLife machinima producers, actors, directors and technicians collaborate and share experiences.

The membership ranges from absolute beginners who are just starting to make machinima, to seasoned professionals. The Guild also has an SL group called the SL Machinima Artists Guild for real-time help in-world...

  • is a gaming and media streaming website, which hosts the works submitted.

It aims to be a hub for machinima, the art of creating animated videos in numerous real-time virtual 3-D environments. The site features machinima-related articles, news, and Internet forums. Machinima productions can be submitted for possible redistribution after staff review and approval."