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= "the idea that since all this stuff we’re throwing on line ends up in RSS feeds, we might as well combine it all into a single personal master feed and be done with it." [1]

Sites keeping track of one's activity on an increasing number of social media sites are also called Social Aggregators or Lifestreaming Services

See the entry on Lifelogging for more.


Review of 15 aggregators sites here at

  • FeedGrab – A plugin for the ExpressionEngine blogging engine that can merge multiple RSS feeds into a single stream.
  • Jaiku – Focused on creating a “presence stream.” So you can add whatever feeds you like, but it only shows title, time, and source on Jaiku itself, and you click through to get to the original item.
  • Planet Venus is a newsreader that works by intermingling multiple RSS feeds together into a single “river of news.”
  • Profilactic is a “digital life aggregator” that you point at all your online identities. Then it automatically builds a mashup of them all. It can also search out and keep track of mentions of you on the Web.
  • Slife is an OS X app that tracks your desktop interaction with apps like Mail, Safari, and iChat, so you can keep track of things that don’t even generate RSS feeds. This gives you a client-side record which you can then choose to share with the world through their Slifeshare site.
  • SuprGlu – Lets you take a batch of RSS or Atom feeds, apply a template, and republish them as a Web page to make a sort of recombinant blog.
  • Yahoo Pipes – With its ability to mix RSS feeds together, Pipes lets the tinkerer build their own lifestream, though sorting is a bit iffy at the moment.

There's another more updated least here at

More Information

  1. Lifestreaming Primer
  2. 35 Lifestreaming Applications

See also Workstreaming

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