Libre Commons Licenses

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Libre Commons Licenses



"The Libre Commons project introduces non-legal licenses for common networks of creative production that are radically democratic in form. These licenses have been designed to resist the corruption of the intellectual property system and the symbolic and state violence that maintain it. They do so by locating the worldly significance and promise of shared creativity and innovation in the inter-subjective recognition and absolute democracy of commonalty. This offers glimpses of a time and place where we see in other being and things, not the limitation, but the realisation of our freedom. In this context, the Libre Commons licences project aims to contribute towards fostering desire for a more democratic present.

We should note that these licenses have been written explicitly against the presuppositions and caveats of the Creative Commons licenses and other similar legal forms. We believe that these licenses (un)consciously seek to use culture as a mere resource, establishing only a simulacra of a commons instantiated in private property, contract and possessive individualism, rather than commonalty. Instead of heralding an alternative, the creative common movement is a continuation of the miserable process by which private property and a neo-liberal worldview colonizes all aspects of our life.

In contrast, libre commons licenses are anti-licenses. They are ethical frameworks, chromosomes of social practices, laboratories for the future, machines of struggle, radical democratic assemblages, plexiform creative practices, rhizomes of autotelic afflatus, collections of promises, lines of flight… Rather than relying on law, these Libre Commons licenses are at route ethical and political. They aim to uncover and radicalise the commonalty of shared creative life and communication which was always already irreducible to bloodless legal frameworks anyway."