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= "LandMark is a dynamic, online mapping platform that provides critical information on the collective land and natural resource rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities around the world".




"LandMark is the first online, interactive global platform to provide maps and other critical information on lands that are collectively held and used by Indigenous Peoples and local communities. The global platform is designed to help Indigenous Peoples and communities protect their land rights and secure tenure over their lands. LandMark currently provides information at two scales–community level and national level—allowing users to compare the land tenure situation across countries and within countries.

Community level data include the boundaries of lands held or used by Indigenous Peoples and communities, including lands that are formally recognized by government and those that are held under customary tenure arrangements. Clicking on the boundaries in the interactive map provides additional information about the lands.

National level data provide two categories of information for a country: 1) the amount of land held or used by Indigenous Peoples and communities as a percentage of the country’s total land area, and 2) a snapshot of the legal security of indigenous and community lands based on a review of national land and resource rights laws for each country." (

2. Liz Alden Wily:

"LandMark, an interactive site providing information and data about land commons, and especially those upon which present-day rural communities depend upon for livelihood. (Communities refers here to all land-dependent communities, not only self-identifying indigenous peoples, although so far, we have disportionate information on these communities. 

Do explore the many different layers and look at country examples. You will see that the site is a work in progress. The site is managed by the World Resources Institute (WRI) in Washington DC. The International Land Coalition (ILC) based in Rome, partners with WRI on outreach.  The site is not 'owned' by anyone, all inputs are voluntary but regulated and managed by WRI and ILC for maximum transparency." (email, March 2021)