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= Linux Foundation Energy

URL = https://www.lfenergy.org/about/why-lfenergy/

Open source is modernizing telecommunications, financial services, automobiles, healthcare, consumer products. Power systems – this is our time. Open Source will speed technological innovation and enable the energy transition, globally.


"Bringing IT and power engineers together to propose standards is challenging. Fostering actual collaborative development is even harder still. The solution is LF Energy, an open source initiative to grow and sustain open source in the energy and electricity sectors.

A vendor-neutral home, LF Energy focuses on building shared open source infrastructure to deliver unprecedented innovation in renewable energy, power electronics, electric mobility, and more.

LF Energy curates reusable components, open APIs and interfaces through project communities that the energy ecosystem can adopt into platforms and solutions. Building the plumbing upon a common infrastructure enables energy companies and solution providers to differentiate at higher value layers and services, while reducing cost and integration complexity at non-differentiating layers. As a result, power system providers will be empowered to achieve time to market, scale and efficiency much faster than ever before."