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Mawuna Remarque Koutonin:

""The (African) alternative to capitalism is a “Need based economy” or “Kemitism”.

Capitalism stipulates that man is selfish and the only way for people to feel worthy is to accumulate properties or capital. Ownership of large property and capital is considered success, and ownership of little or no property and capital is considered failure.

Kemitism in contrary is a need based economy, which philosophy is that all people have inalienable rights to land and natural resources on earth. Everything which is not created by humans, like land, air, water, and natural resources could not be owned and should be regarded as commons.

The community has obligation to make basic resources available to all members as a human right. The right to land is the first one. Right to habitat is second. The right to difference is third. And overall Dignity is God spirit in each human, and can not be sacrificed under any circumstances.

Ownership does not depend on precedence, entitlement or inheritance. Ownership depends on need and usage. A land belong to you as long as you need it and use it. A house belong to you as long as you need it and use it. The moment you don’t need and use a resource, that resources is endowed back to the community. You can not own what you don’t need and use.

Land and natural resources belong to the community as a whole. They could not be owned or sold. Each member of the community receive resources depend on their need, and have access to all community resources depend on need. One can not be denied access to a resource which is not needed and used by other community members. Any resource not needed by the people, belongs to the community as a whole, and could be granted to new community members or foreigners.

Individuals are free to accumulate as much resources as needed by themselves. Extra resources accumulated should be shared in priority with family, then relatives and lastly with friends and strangers.

Laziness is a crime and punished by the lowest social status. Solidarity is the highest social value “Ubuntu”, expressed in the saying “I am because you are”.

That’s the traditional African economical model.

We are looking for a team of economists who are willing to develop that African approach to economy into a full corpus of discourse and policy as credible alternative to predatory capitalism." (