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"Our background is originally in the Jewish and Christian world where the Sabbath-Jubilee [FAQ] is an economic blueprint for resisting the kind of dehumanizing imperial economic dominance the Hebrews knew during their time in Egypt and under subsequent oppressive regimes. However, we recognize the principled economic wisdom we promote is not the domain of that tradition alone, because a broader look to other cultures shows remarkably similar practices demonstrating an innate understanding of Indigenous peoples around the world and in all times—that of having just one earth to practice our economic lives.

Such an idea applied in present day industrialized society envisions an economics that is not dominated by massive industrial corporations that operate out of scale and often out of touch with the fundamentals of what the planet can sustain. In the 21st Century, that is a radical idea, but the only one that will move the planet to a place of healing and restoration.

We welcome you to see today's economics with the eye of yesterday's wisdom, already proven to cultivate the sustainable and earth-friendly ways of life needed for human life in the present and future." (http://jubilee-economics.org/)

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