Jonathan Logan on Temporary Autonomous Zones

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= Cypherpunkd Episode 022: “The Second Realm: TAZ – Temporary Autonomous Zones” – Jonathan Logan



"Jonathan Logan a respected cryptoanarchist, working in BlackIT and author of the underground smash hit book: “The Second Realm – A Book on Strategy” is back to discuss TAZ – Temporary Autonomous Zones.

We cover some historical examples, current examples in many countries. How they work, where they spring up. How we can create our own TAZ’s. The importance of TAZ in cyberspace and meatspace. Operating a TAZ using some strategy such as Conceal, Know, Delay, Defend, Destroy, Recover. Preparing for, dealing with and avoiding Terrorcrats and Pigs. Jonathan also tipped us off on some TAZ operations in cyberspace, and meatspace that people can look into now. Including the Darknets i2p/onionland and agora.anarplex IRC network in cyberspace and a new TAZ building operation in a major European city that is well underway. We were teased about a project of transportable living containers that are capable of integrating into spontaneous and mobile TAZ’s, but we have to wait until the next show with Jonathan to get the scoop on that… Lots of good discussion and info, this episode will go into a complete Second Realm Series covering many specific topics from the book: The Second Realm – A Book on Strategy."