John Arquilla and David Ronfeldt on the Rise of the Noosphere, Noopolitik and Information-Age Statecraft

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"RAND analysts David Ronfeldt and John Arquilla visit The Stoa to discuss their new monograph: Whose Story Wins: Rise of the Noosphere, Noopolitik, and Information-Age Statecraft

"The authors urge strategists to consider a new concept for adapting U.S. grand strategy to the information age—noopolitik, which favors the use of "soft power"—as a successor to realpolitik, with its emphasis on "hard power." The authors illuminate how U.S. adversaries are already deploying dark forms of noopolitik—e.g., weaponized narratives, strategic deception, epistemic attacks. The authors propose new ways to fight back and discuss how the future of noopolitik might depend on what happens to the global commons—i.e., the parts of the Earth and space that fall outside national jurisdictions and to which all nations are supposed to have access."