Jay Geeseman on Monetizing the Metaverse

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Video via http://www.metanomics.net/show/archive101308/


"Jay Geeseman of Xstreet(formerly SL Exchange) and Stevana Case of fatfoogoo talked about their business experience in Second Life® and other virtual worlds. Xstreet recently changed it’s name from SL Exchange, and is perhaps the best-known Second Life®-integrated commerce website featuring real-time shopping, real estate listings, and full-fledged currency exchange. fatfoogoo is a leading provider of in-game commerce ecosystems, and is working with Project Darkstar, an open source development arena under the aegis of Sun Microsystems Laboratories. Artist, designer Eshi Otawara was “On The Spot”." (http://www.metanomics.net/show/archive101308/)