Jamie Wheal on the Differences Between Rivalrous and Finite Game A vs the Non-Rivalrous and Infinite Game B Dynamics

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Video via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwCGRL0jNeU&t=52s


"Jamie Wheal is one of the world's experts in flow states and transformation, the author of the bestseller 'Stealing Fire' and creator of the 'Flow Genome Project'.

In the hit film 'War on Sensemaking', Daniel Schmachtenberger laid out how the information ecology was profoundly broken, and how impossible it was to act if we didn't know what was true.

In this response, flow expert Jamie Wheal outlines his answer to Daniel's question, outlining what the 'Infinite Game' looks like, how we might uplevel human consciousness and what a 'Game B' society might look like. "