James Quilligan on Creating Sustainability Currency Value Through Commons Strategies

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James Quilligan at OWS Making Worlds Conference, Feb 16-18 2012 – Part 2

URL = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soQz0_0Oeoc&feature=player_embedded


"James Quilligan explains how the liberal discourse filtered into our academic literature on the commons, seen also in Elinor and Vicent Ostrom’s work. This liberal discourse on excludable, non-excludable, rivalrous and non-rivalrous goods from economist James McGill Buchanan and Public Choice Theory keep us in the box of the market and state paradigm/duopoly. James explains how rather than civil society which remains embedded in the private sector and to a large extent the market-state, the commons is the third sector which transcends the private and public sectors. He reminds us that the private and public grew out of the Commons. Furthermore he highlights how the commons is in fact unconstitutional, since all state constitutions are really doing is protecting the rights of private property.

He then goes onto talk about the heart of changing our debt based money system not through demeruge or negative interest rates, which he sees as a weak modification on a steamroller of a problem. Instead he says rather than our attachment to interest rates we should look for the sustainability behind currency value. James advises that this is not done through adjusting our prices but by adjusting the value of our currency according to the sustainability of the planet." (http://thefutureofoccupy.org/2012/03/transcending-the-market-state-creating-sustainable-currency-value/)

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