James Boyle on the Science Commons and Open Source

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Hastac Presentation. April 2007.

URL = http://www.hastac.org/video/archives


"James Boyle is William Neal Reynolds Professor of Law and co-founder of the Center for the Study of the Public Domain at Duke Law School. He is one of the founding Board Members of Creative Commons, which is working to facilitate the free availability of art, scholarship, and cultural materials by developing innovative, machine-readable licenses that individuals and institutions can attach to their work, and of Science Commons, which aims to expand the Creative Commons mission into the realm of scientific and technical data. Professor Boyle is the author of numerous works, including Shamans, Software and Spleens: Law and Construction of the Information Society (Harvard University Press 1996) and, most recently, co-author of Bound By Law (CSPD 2006), a comic book on fair use in documentary film. He is the winner of the 2003 World Technology Award for Law for his work on the “intellectual ecology” of the public domain, and on the new "enclosure movement" that seems to threaten it. He currently writes as an online columnist for the Financial Times’ New Economy Policy Forum."