Ideal of Human Unity

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  • Book: Sri Aurobindo. The Ideal of Human Unity. Lotus Press; 2nd edition, 1999

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"The Ideal of Human Unity was written and published in monthly instalments in the Arya between September 1915 and July 1918. In 1919 it was brought out as a book with a Preface added by the author. Sri Aurobindo revised the book during the late 1930s, before the outbreak of World War II. References to political developments of the period between the world wars were introduced at this time, often in footnotes. In 1949 Sri Aurobindo undertook a final revision. He commented on the changed international situation in footnotes and made alterations here and there throughout the book, but brought it up to date mainly by the addition of a Postscript Chapter. 60 years later, in the face of a global economic and financial meltdown, the formation of some sort of world government suddenly appears plausible, and Sri Aurobindo’s examination of various possible developments in this direction are more relevant than ever."