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= developing policies to support open innovation networks in cities and regions + "I-Open maintains public archives of over 200 entrepreneur video interviews, a growing database of 2500 images, sound and document libraries across the World Wide Web".

URL = http://www.i-open.org/our_approach/

I-Open is an educational economic organization that designs and delivers civic experiences teaching people how to connect, how to communicate, and how to collaborate. [1]


"I-Open accelerates innovation and economic transformation in local and regional economies. Our approach is founded on open source development, an effective innovation engine developed in the software industry. Open source development is based on voluntary communities of people contributing to common (often complex) projects.

In economic development, Michael Porter of Harvard University has pointed to the importance of "clusters" - open innovation systems - to generate innovation and productive investment. Regions characterized by thick networks of trusted relationships learn faster, spot opportunities faster, and align resources faster.

I-Open develops and deploys practical approaches to creating open innovation networks and neighborhoods, counties, and regions. Open networks drive innovation, and I-Open is focused on the disciplines, habits and practices that strengthen these networks in our "civic spaces"." (http://www.i-open.org/our_approach/)