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= an event in June 2012



"The Human Rights Makerlab aims to bring together diverse interest groups to explore the topic of Human Rights through actions, conversations and presentations. Our objective is to broaden awareness of the topic, and create opportunities for sharing technology to assist people in enabling their Human Rights – everything from shared language and symbolism, to functional easy to build tools.

So far we have around 40 different contributors (this number grows daily), who will collaborate to co create the event. Engagements vary from social provocations – to tools for social empowerment – “a symbol for human rights“, strategic approaches to non violent resistance, open source servers, wind energy production. These will take the form of presentations, workshops and creative actions. We do not curate the event, as this would limit the dialogue and engagement – working against the freedoms we wish to promote. Instead we invite YOU to participate in the conversation through action and engagement."