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Shared Housing

  1. How to Start a Housing Co-op - one of the best affordable housing options around, and shared food expenses and cooking can increase your savings. [1]
  2. Guide to Sharing a House - buying a home by yourself may be out of reach in high cost areas, but shared ownership might be the ticket. [2]

See also:

  1. Cohousing Directory - Cohousing is homeownership in a neighborhood that shares. [3]

Social Food and Shared Gardening

  1. How to Share a Vegetable Garden [4]
  2. How to Start A Farmers' Market [5]
  3. Host a Baby Food Swap [6]
  4. How to Create Your Own Seed-Lending Library [7]
  5. How to start a Crop Mob - Crop mobs allow you to get and give gardening help. [8]


  1. How To Share a Car With A Stranger [9]
  2. How To Be a Carfree Family [10]

Personal Finance

  1. How to Save Money by Sharing [11]


  1. A Guide to Casual Coworking - Why not cowork anywhere? Here's the definitive guide. [12]
  2. How to Start a Coworking Space [13]

See also:

  1. How to Find a Job Using Social Media [14]
  2. The Shareable Job Search Search [15]
  3. How to Create Your Own Green Job [16]
  4. How to Make A Franchise Shareable [17]
  5. How To Swap Cities - a guide on how to swap offices with someone from another city inspired by SwapYourShop. [18]