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  • Gobble, Grubwithus, and Eat With Me (Australia) are Airbnbs for meals. Use them to find or host a meal in your neighborhood. Never eat alone! [1]
  • MamaBake - Large batch group cooking saves time and money, not to mention it's fun! [2]
  • Local Harvest - A massive directory that helps you find farmers' markets, CSA's, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area. [3]

More Information

  1. How to Share a Vegetable Garden [5]
  2. How to Start A Farmers' Market [6]
  3. Host a Baby Food Swap [7]
  4. How to Create Your Own Seed-Lending Library [8]
  5. How to start a Crop Mob - Crop mobs allow you to get and give gardening help. [9]