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"Hive Networks is an Open Source project that has developed an easy to use toolkit for artists and media practitioners. This web site provides all the information and resources required to make your own Hive Network and a gateway to the Hive Networks team for support on your projects.

A Hive Network is an infrastructure that can see, hear, touch and talk to people. It is a concept centred on content generation, dissemination and freedom, and not just connectivity.

Initial funding has enabled the development of Hivewares, the software that controls a Hive device. These software tools transform industrially built, small and inexpensive consumer devices into the much smarter species of Hive device. This Hive device is now equipped with a wealth of new applications and multi-media capabilities.

Artists can now begin to develop applications or installations using a swarm of hive devices with the minimum of technical knowledge and programming skills." (

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