Highway to Serfdom

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* Article: The Highway to Serfdom. By Gus Dizerega. Cosmos + Taxis, 42 VOLUME 8 | ISSUE 2 + 3 2020.

URL = https://cosmosandtaxis.files.wordpress.com/2020/04/dizerega_ct_vol8_iss_2_3-1.pdf?

Starting from the Hayekian critique of state-based central planning, the author applies the same type of critique to capitalist markets, seen as another form of domination. This libertarian take comes very close to the critique originating from P2P Theory, and can function as a bridge across political divides.


"F. A. Hayek’s Road to Serfdom argued central planning in lieu of market economies inevitably resulted in a new ‘serfdom.” A similar dynamic arises within the capitalist variant of a market economy, where all values are subordinated to profit and price signals have become price commands, creating a “systemic collectivism.” Organizations adapting to this environment seek to buffer themselves from uncertainty by changing rules and increasing control over resources, including human beings. As a consequence, a new serfdom is arising. The cause arises from the central tension within all free societies/ The organizations people create, Hayek’s taxis, have interests at odds with the spontaneous orders, cosmos, that arise within such societies. If they possess the power, organizations will seek to control them."