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* Book: Hierarchy - eBook by Augusto de Franco. English translation by Leila de Miranda and Joachim Lohkamp.

URL = http://pt.slideshare.net/augustodefranco/hierarchy-explorations-of-augusto-de-franco-about-the-matrix-that-really-exists


"Hierarchy: Augusto Franco explorations in the Matrix that really exists" began to be written in the first half of 2013 on a Facebook group. About 250 people decided to follow the experience. Many interacted. Here is the result.

The author explains the reasons that led him to write the book: "Enter a hierarchical organization. Any one. And notice how people relate to these stranger environments as if they were not themselves ... Yes, they are automata... Hierarchy introduces deformations in the social field that induce people to replicate certain behaviors .... Hierarchical organizations of humans generate non-human beings. But something prevents people from seeing it. That is why I decided to write this little book.

This is a book to be spread. It is a virus, or better, an antivirus."



  • PRESENTATION : Suddenly you see the Matrix | 9
  • INTRODUCTION : Does the Matrix exist? | 17

PART 1: How the Matrix is uploaded on you

  1. In the Family | 33
  2. At School | 39
  3. At Church | 53
  4. In the social and political organizations | 61
  5. In the Barracks | 67
  6. At University | 73At work | 77

PART 2: Is it possible to exit the Matrix?

  1. To exit the Matrix | 91
  2. Become a common person | 99

More Information

About the Translation

"The project to translate the book "Hierarquia" by Augusto de Franco from portuguese is the initiative of some netweaver friends connected to Escola-de-Redes. The passion for network science, collaboration and open learning on one side, and our growing connectedness with friends from all over the world inspired Leila País de Miranda and Joachim Lohkamp with the idea to make this little, yet very essential booklet available in english for our friends who don't know portuguese… yet.

We are common people dedicated to P2P collaboration and the creation of netweaving technologies. We intend to be open for everyone interested and love you to connect with us and to find out what we can do together!

Escola-de-redes: http://escoladeredes.net

Connect with us:

  1. Leila País de Miranda: https://www.facebook.com/leila.p.miranda
  2. Joachim Lohkamp: https://www.facebook.com/joachim.lohkamp