Gregory Landua on the Role of Blockchain in Regenerative Agriculture

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"Co-Founder of Terra Genesis and how to bring diversity to the market and much more.

This time I interview Gregory Landua founder and CEO of an international regenerative design consultancy.

His goal is to “transfer as much of the agriculture landscape as possible, to draw down carbon and uplift the local communities” To do that we need to look systemically and target the businesses who are making the big purchases and adding value to the ingredients.

Then we dived into the difficulties of “The logistics of bringing diversity to the market place”.

Everything is build around mono crops, coming from a few immense farms and a few players spread to very diverse customers (us).

“If a farmer no longer has to optimise for a single crop in order to sell bulk and have very low margins, but could sell 5 or even 10 different crops of of the same piece of land. And have those crops efficiently distributed to all of the different buyers, in a way that system of supply can aggregate at the appropriate scales and then distribute at the appropriate scales. We would have a system of supply which can meet a healthy ecosystem where it’s at.”

A potential solution: software to allow distributed purchases from diverse agri eco systems. That’s why Gregory and his team are working on Agrispecific Blockchains.

Tips from Gregory on how to start in impact investing in Regenerative Agriculture:

- Where are places where I already have some ideas on the extractive economy looks like. If it’s vegetables, or commodities, te coffee, cosmetics, or real estate. - And then ask yourself the question: “what might a play look like in the new disruptive, distributed, regenerative economy in this place where I’m already excited about?”

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