Great Mother

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Camilla Paglia:

"The massive volume for which Neumann is most renowned, however, is The Great Mother: An Analysis of the Archetype, a study of the Magna Mater that was evidently first published as a 1955 translation into English by Ralph Manheim. (The dedication reads: “To C. G. Jung, Friend and Master in his Eightieth Year.”) In such evocatively titled chapters as “The Primordial Goddess,” “The Great Round,” “The Lady of the Plants,” and “The Lady of the Beasts” (all ancient epithets), Neumann traces the genealogy and symbolism of goddess figures in world culture. Though Origins is well-illustrated, The Great Mother is a visual feast, a truly essential text with 74 figures and 185 plates of pictures of prehistoric and tribal artifacts of mother goddesses, juxtaposed with striking sculptures and paintings from classical antiquity through the Renaissance. The core of these images came from the Eranos Archive for Symbolic Research, assembled by Olga FroebeKapteyn, the free-thinking founder of the Eranos Society who was an early disciple of Jung." (