Graceful Degradation

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'The military developed TCP/IP as a decentralised system. Networks without any central point survive attack by drawing on the resources of participants, rather than authority.

If at any one time, one of these nodes is attacked, the network can rely on the strength of the other nodes. It is only when a sufficient number of these nodes that make up the network are attacked, that the network will start to break-down.

This is called graceful degradation.

Everything about the design of TCP/IP routes around damage, control and censorship. TCP/IP is anti-authority by nature. And it is the underlying protocol for the internet today. TCP/IP, as a protocol looks for ways around damaged parts of the internet, and ways to evade censorship and control. This has made the internet into the method of empowerment and education today.

By designing a system that could not be attacked, the authorities inadvertently designed a system they could not control or shut down. A system that evades censorship and punitive attempts to dictate its behaviour." (