Global Commons and Local Loops in the Europe of the Future

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* Report: From local loops to global champions scenarios for sustainable lifestyles by 2050. Demos Helsinki,



"Forum for the Future has developed a series of scenarios for the year 2050, depicting what sustainable lifestyles might look like and the different ways in which we might get there. These build on the SPREAD 2050 research project, and are part of a three-year research project called EU Innovate, which asks what it will take to unlock a Europe-wide surge of innovation for sustainability, beginning with people and communities.

We have looked into these four scenarios for 2050 to understand how we might cut the impact of lifestyles across Europe by 80%, asking what we might learn from the broad characteristics of Europe and the role of the citzen in each one.

The four scenarios are:

  • Singular Super Champions - A globally oriented Europe with top-down governance
  • Governing the Commons - A globally oriented Europe with bottom-up governance
  • Local Loops - A locally oriented Europe with top-down governance
  • Empathetic Communities - A locally oriented Europe with bottom-up governance."


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