Global Blockchain Land Registry

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Terrafina Foundation

Thomas Rippel:

"The Global Blockchain Land Registry ensures that land ownership records are immutable – not susceptible to theft, corruption, damage or fraud, even by nation-states themselves. The acquired farmland becomes part of the Global Blockchain Land Registry when entered into a national land registry. All relevant legal documentation and information from the national land registries, official land valuations, land-use criteria as well as all lease contracts shall become a transparent part of the Global Blockchain Land Registry.

The cartography/address system of What3Words could provide some insight into what the Global Blockchain Land Registry may look like. What3Words divides the entire world into 3x3 Meter squares, naming each square with three words. The Global Blockchain Land Registry could implement this system with much higher granularity (e.g. 10x10cm squares). The purpose of the ledger is not to record all the land ownership registered in the land registry of countries globally, but to offer an infrastructure to register land titles on property purchased within this Framework." (