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Terrafina Foundation

Thomas Rippel:

"Terrafina Foundation is a non-profit entity to be registered in Zug, Switzerland. The Foundation develops and maintains a high-granularity Global Blockchain Land Registry that supplements nation-state land registries.

This mechanism allows land to be “uplifted” into a cryptographic asset.

The Global Blockchain Land-Registry will record all relevant information from the national land registries, official land valuations, land-use criteria as well as all lease contracts, thus providing unrestricted transparency. Terrafina Foundation holds a golden share in all token-issuing FSOs giving the Foundation a veto power on all land sales and changes to the statutes of the FSOs. The Foundation shall not have any other authority over any affiliated FSO.

Terrafina Foundation ensures that all governance and financial incentives align with its mission of maintaining a trusted Global Blockchain Land Registry and preventing the sale of farmland of its affiliated FSO outside the Terrafina Framework.

Terrafina Foundation will fund itself by receiving 5% of net proceeds from issued TFTs as well as a moderate fixed amount per hectare of land bought by the FSOs with capital provided by Terrafina. The percentage of net proceeds allocated to Terrafina will gradually decrease as the raised capital reaches 100 million Euros." (

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