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What is the GaiaField Project?

Many people intuitively recognize the power of uniting millions of people from diverse spiritual traditions around the globe in meditation and prayer for peace.

Several well-organized global meditation and prayer events, such as the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, the GaiaMind meditation of 1997, James Twyman’s “Great Experiments” and the annual International Day of Peace Vigil have involved hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people. Numerous research studies have documented consistent, significant correlations between the presence of large groups of meditators and improvements in social indicators such as crime rates, war deaths, and terrorist activity. Many spiritual leaders and visionary thinkers have hypothesized that these global rituals for peace may accelerate the emergence of a unified global consciousness.

The vision of the GaiaField Project is to support the emergence of a large, resilient, multi-hub network of spiritual leaders and their constituencies who will regularly participate in and co-create large-scale global meditation and prayer vigils. Our aim is not so much to set up another new global meditation network, but to facilitate the sharing of information and resources between the many existing networks which share the goal of bringing together hundreds of thousands of people in meditation or prayer for world peace. Our strategy involves upgrading this website ( to incorporate state-of-the-art web broadcasting, mapping, and social networking technology to more easily organize events, connect peacemakers with each other, and enhance participants’ sense of interconnection during events. (This current website is a placeholder for the interactive website still in development.) Our strategy also includes convening face-to-face meetings with relevant spiritual leaders and organizing annual live or online gatherings for leaders.

The GaiaField Project is currently a joint project of the California Institute of Integral Studies and Wisdom Mountain, both of which are non-profit organizations based in Northern California." (

More Information

For more information, please contact Project Director David Nicol at [email protected].