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URL = http://www.archive.org/details/crottorf-commoners


"Here you find 13 audio files recorded at the Crottorf retreat about the commons in June 2009. The files contain kick-off statements followed by discussions (organisational parts are cut-out):

1: David Bollier: What are we talking about? Massimo de Angelis: Struggles and Cooptation. 2: Collecting and sorting of topics of the retreat. 3: Peter Linebaugh: Rewriting history of commoning. 4: Continuing the history discussion, debate about gift economy. 5: Michel Bauwens: Peer production. Silvia Federici: Daily produced commons. Urban gardens. 6: Discussion of Michel's and Silvia's talks. 7: Pat Mooney: Threats to the commons. Geo engineering. 8: Discussion of Pat's talk. Christian Siefkes: Peer economy. Andreas Exner: Solidarity economy. 9: Stefan Meretz: Societal change in five steps. Andoni Alonso: Commons ontology. 10: George Caffentzis: Commons within force fields. 11: Wolfgang Sachs: Climate Change. 12: Miguel Vieira: WSF thematic forums. 13: Final round saying thank you and good bye to Crottorf" (http://www.archive.org/details/crottorf-commoners)