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Mira Luna:

"The Fund for Complementary Currencies is a special charitable fund launched in 2004 to support the development of new and sustainable approaches to economic exchange that complement the existing financial system. It has funded the research and development of BerkShares, TimeBanks, and GETS (Global Exchange Trade System), as well as other innovative research projects. Background

The Fund for Complementary Currencies (the FCC) was born out of the 2004 RSF Social Finance “Transforming Money and Catalyzing Wealth” conference. One of the themes of the conference was the mechanisms that are imbedded into our current monetary system that lead to overly competitive behavior, inequality and destructive economic growth. Complementary currencies were presented as a powerful way of promoting healthier communities and stronger local economies by mobilizing underutilized resources within a community. Further, complementary currencies are a way of creating, from the ground up, a more robust, equitable and socially responsible monetary system. It is conceivable that without this, long-term sustainability is impossible.

There is a growing international movement to bring complementary currencies more into the mainstream but significant lack of funding going into its development. Considering all of this, a group of individuals came together with the intention of mobilizing funding and facilitating collaboration to support the broad implementation of complementary currencies focusing on North America. How It Works

The FCC is comprised of funders, practitioners and other interested parties committed to building relationships, promoting collaboration and sharing information to support its membership and build the field." (