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= Free Speech Union is a mass membership organisation dedicated to protecting free speech



"The F.S.U. will be a mass membership organisation that stands up for the speech rights of its members and aims to create a more tolerant atmosphere on social media and other platforms.

So if a member is targetted by a social media outrage mob for the inadvertent use of certain language, a taboo word or for dissenting from the prevailing orthodoxy, the FSU will mobilise on social media and its members will come to their defence on social media.

If they are accused of something, the member will be put through some form of due process to check the evidence so that they aren't just presumed to be guilty and cast out as Sir Roger Scruton was when George Eaton of The New Statesman passed incorrect information out via social media, which led to a campaign of hate against Scruton, ultimately resulting in Sir Roger losing his position as a Government adviser. The way in which veteran ITN journalist Alistair Stewart was treated & fired is another example -- as was Toby Young's own experience at the hands of a social media mob." (

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A conversation with Toby Young, founder of the FSU and himself a target of an outrage episode,