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= Zenu*nix Everything Open Source directory

URL = http://oss.zentu.net/

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"Zentu*nix at zentu.net is an ever-evolving resource dedicated to Open-Source Software (OSS), the people who write it, and the people who benefit from its use. Aside from being the most comprehensive directory of free, open-source software on the net, some of the goals and reasons for maintaining the site here are:

-- To bring about an increased awareness of the varieties of OSS which are available as free alternatives to proprietary software.

-- To provide a comprehensive reference source of working open-source projects, organized by form and by function.

-- To highlight the numerous benefits (from cost-savings to security) of using OSS over pay-per-license proprietary software.

-- To support open-source developers by providing a neutral place within the community to showcase projects of any scale: from large, well-funded ventures to the small independent projects.

-- To assist and educate old and new users of open-source software

-- To contribute something of value upon which future innovations will be built. The future is wide open. The foundation upon which open-source is built can and will save the world; as has been proven, open-source conserves time, energy, resources and money by being honest and efficient.

With over 500 projects listed in the directory, varieties from every fathomable area of interest, there's sure to be a project that catches your interest. "CTRL+D" bookmarks this site which has already "bookmarked" the best FOSS sites on the web; check back often and enjoy your stay!" (http://oss.zentu.net/)