Evan McMullen on Scale Variance in Society

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Video via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urSRIznUiRQ


“For episode 3, "Scale Variance in Tradition, Governance, Business and Religion," Evan McMullen joins Layman again for continued dialogue on the importance of scale variance in systems thinking. Evan opens with a caveat about the danger, in these discussions, of being an "oblivious geek," and then they proceed to geek out on a range of topics -- the place of 'tradition' in our emerging metamodern/integral worldspaces, Neil Stephenson's reflections in Snowcrash on the local and global impacts of the franchise model, the problem of 'agency' in complex systems and bureaucracy, Layman's notion of the Massive Internal Profiling Civilization (MIP-Civ), integral and metamodern approaches to religion and spirituality, Abrahamic vs. Vedic traditions of the Book, the return of polytheism and local cults, and the relevance of questions of scale for each of these considerations.”