Escocesa Cultural Centre in Barcelona as a Relational Urban Commons

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* Article: A Relational Approach to the Study of the Urban Commons: The Case of the Escocesa Cultural Centre in Barcelona. By Iolanda Bianchi. Tracce Urbana, N. 4 (2018)


(TU Tracce Urbane - Rivista Italiana Transdisciplinare di Studi Urbani - Italian Journal of Urban Studies. Rivista telematica scientifica della Sapienza Università di Roma )


"In the last few decades the theory of The Common and the practice of the Commons have emerged to draw a path of emancipation from capitalism beyond the State and the Market. Nevertheless, they both lack an empirical approach preventing the effective understanding of their emancipatory capacity. This paper contributes to filling this gap, by setting the analysis in the urban context. It proposes a relational approach to the study of the Urban Commons where they have to be studied in relation to the Market and the State. By drawing from a case study of the Escocesa art centre in the city of Barcelona, the paper sustains that only by unveiling this interface it is possible to grasp their complexity and envisage their true emancipatory power."