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Epidigital is a term that has gained traction in recent years as a means of articulating developments in contemporary culture, which has seen a move beyond the postdigital mode of the late 20th century. The term is defined by an artist, designer, and forefather of the Postdigital movement, Ryota Matsumoto in 2021.


Ryota Matsumoto:

"The term epidigital does not designate specific kinds of art practice. It manifests in the lines of flight, flows, and streams of any given assemblage or as the constant flux of the movement of matter in the context of the meaning-making process. The notion of the postdigital defies the binary or dichotomous conceptualizations that are often prevalent in the realm of modern art discourse. Moreover, the epidigital does not have the master narrative that was prescribed to the overarching totality in the particular mode of production as was evident in the univocal art movement of the last century. Suffice it to say, the processes of meaning making in this particular line of thought operate on an asignifying register and constantly evolve as the decoded flow. I would point out that another aspect of the epidigital underlines how the process of social production demands the association of diverse elements that never exist as heterogeneous categories and are often disconnected from the wider fabric of ecocultural relations."