Emerging Landscape of Shared Ownership in the US

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= Felipe Witchger produced a mindmap of the many actors in the emerging U.S. shared ownership ecosystem.

URL = https://www.loom.com/share/90d75a4fe7e54ff48af83f3706675f99


"What’s your mental map of the emerging landscape of shared ownership in the U.S.?

He then made two videos about the map. The first is a 3-minute overview with a bit of ecosystem history, and the second is an eloquent 13-minute personal commentary on the participants — i.e., the movement builders, the funders, the founders.

Felipe also talks about how we investors — yes, even us, we small-time members of a local food co-op, not just those fancy VC people — can participate in overcoming the violence and extraction in what he calls here our system of “capital supremacy.” And moving toward “livable future investing.”