Emergent Dialogue Lab

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"In the Emergent Dialogue Lab, you can further develop in your capacity to support emergence — and meet in the enlivening intimacy of intersubjective dialogue.

When the space between us comes alive, a new potential for us as human beings becomes possible. In these days where core principles of decency, dignity, and mutual respect are being challenged, the opening up, sharing, and developing of this new potential takes on an urgency. And we discover that joy and curiosity can be the ground of human relationship.

Many pundits are saying that we are in the midst of a civilizational turning point. The old assumptions and beliefs are not holding any longer. The hope for the dawning of a “New Age” that dominated the postmodern spirtual world now seems further away than it ever has. It is very stressful. For some, these new political developments are pulling apart old friendships and family relationships. We need support, and the Emergent Dialogue Lab can help provide us with soul support amongst like-minded deep people so that we can stay strong and open through the difficult conversations and times." (http://oneworldindialogue.com/home-new/emergent-dialogue-lab/)