Embodied Perception

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Daniela Terrile:

"Embodied Perception is a term that is currently used in the field of cognitive science to describe the way the body affects our interpretation of the world. For example, as described in the wikipedia entry on embodied cognition, when a pencil is held between a person’s teeth creating a "smile", pleasant sentences are understood faster than unpleasant ones. This holds true in reverse: a "frown" increases the time it takes to comprehend pleasant sentences.

However, this particular use of the term still places the knowing inside the mind. It can even be interpreted as "when the body is experiencing this, it warps our perception like this."

Embodied perception ... locates the body as the source of knowing, and the mind as a tool for interpretation.

The term embodied perception is a generalization of Dan Cohen's term "representative perception."It is a description of the sense perception that Eugene Gendlin describes in his focusing work, which also has a variety of terms to describe it: "bodily felt sense," "embodied knowing," or just "embodiment". I don't know how many focusers are also facilitators, but I would be curious to know Gendlin's reaction to the fact that the felt sense can be picked up by others as representative perception."