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= "associative project and working space in Barcelona".

URL = https://laelectrodomestica.wordpress.com


"La Electrodoméstica is an associative project that comprises a working space bringing together research and self-education through feminist trajectories, the production of situated knowledges and the desire to experiment with composition and organization based on embodied practices of reproduction, work and the material conditions of life in common. Our areas of work are: research/production, editing/publishing, translation, political-collective dispositives of care and clinics. It's also a space of encounter that’s permeable and open to multiple uses. The activities that constitute its use in common are: workshops, self-education, reading groups, seminars, language swaps, group meetings, political therapy/clinics, presentations as well as those many formats of encounter yet to be invented and tried." (http://transversal.at/blog/La-Electrodomestica-a-new-associative-project)

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