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Panel at the Wizard of OS 2006 conference

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"In 2006 the EU Directive on Copyright in the Information Society of 2001 (EUCD) is subject to a comprehensive review. In parallel to the EUCD review, the Gowers Report will review whether the current IP framework in the UK needs updating. Both reports will be released in Autumn 2006. During the same time, Switzerland will be implementing the WIPO Copyright Treaty of 1996 (WCT).

WOS4 will participate in this stock-taking of European digital copyright law and pursue questions like: Where has the directive achieved its goals? Has it hampered legitimate uses? Where there are flexibilities in the EUCD, which of the national implementations are better for freedom than others? Does it create unnecessary restrictions compared to the WCT that it transposes? Are there implementations of the WCT in countries outside the European Union that have found better solutions than the EUCD?

Furthermore, leading up to WOS4, a network of European copyright experts from civil society, building on preceding research, will collect best practice implementations of flexible EUCD provisions throughout the 25 member states. Copyright experts from the new accession and candidate countries (e.g. Bulgaria, Mazedonia, Ukraine) will asses the current copyright laws in their countries. This information will then be compiled into a Guide in order to actively promote best practice implementations."